Thursday, October 30, 2008

Texas State Fair

Mike's parents "Nana and Papa" invited us to go the the Texas State Fair a few weekends ago and we had lots of fun...with every single person that lives in the DFW area! It was veryyy crowed. However, Mike and I used to go when we were dating, so it was fun to experience it with Blake.
Mike and his folks eating yummy fair food! You just have to eat a corn dog at the fair:)
Our favorite part of the fair is the car show and Blake seemed to love it too!

We saw a horse show...
Went to a petting zoo...

rode a carousal...

and a train!
Best of all...Blake discovered Cotton Candy!

Thank you Nana and Papa for a fun day at the fair!

Celebrity Spotted

We were walking into North Park Mall in Dallas the other day and we walked by an SUV surrounded by men in suites...I did not think a whole lot of it and then out the car steps Jessica Simpson! This does not happen in East Texas so I thought it was worthy of posting about. HaHa.

She is just as cute as she is in the magazines and was all dolled up to promote her new perfume line at Dillards.
I really like her red shoes!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"I Call ..."

"I Call...Daddy, Kate, Ry-Ry, E! He asks to call a few of his favorite people all the time! Thank you for loving him so much and allowing us to call you on a regular basis...and then say nothing that you can understand ovre the phone(he is trying to be a big boy) makes his day:)

Construction Fun

I cannot express how much Blake is in love with construction vehicles! Especially backhoes:)

It is too cute and soooo boy! His Grampy(my dad) gave him a construction sticker book...he is in heaven! These pics are for you dad!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Road Trip

Hello! Remember me? I have been a horrible blogger:( But I am back and for the one or two of you that may still check this from time to time here is a long picture post of our trip to the East Coast! We headed off for our 2400 mile round trip vacation the beginning of October and our first stop was Atlanta, Georgia.

Blake cozy with his blankie, binky and Elmo DVD! We could not of made it without those three items plus his new favorite obsessions...his Backhoe, Bulldozer and Big Truck (Dump Truck)!

We had a yummy dinner at out favorite restaurant in downtown Atlanta!

Then the next day before leaving Atlanta, my sweet hubby took me to Ballard! It was fun to see the beautiful stuff in person, not just in the catalog:)

On our way out we drove thru some amazing neighborhoods with beautiful, southern homes! One of my favorites!
Next stop Myrtle Beach, South Carolina...

We were there for about 5 days and had a great time just the three of us!
The weather was perfect for playing in the sand, but a little chilly for swimming!

The resort we stayed at had an indoor water park...which Blake loved:)

We ate at some fun restaurants!

And spent more time enjoying the beach.

Our last day we went to the Aquarium and saw some amazing fish! God sure is creative:)

They had a pirate exhibit and I meet a few of the shipmates!

I held some type of crab! Aren't you proud?

I just love that sweet, serious face!

Then we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe...
Walked around Broadway at the Beach...

Rode a Carousal...
And had some yummy ice cream:)

Then off to pick my parents up at the airport in Wilmington and head to our final destination...Topsail Island, NC!

The weather the rest of our trip was cool and rainy, but that did not stop Mike from getting in some surfing!

And walks on the beach!

The reason we planned this trip was to go to my cousin, Stephan's wedding and see my moms side of the family that lives in Minnesota and Nebraska. It had been over 6-7 years since I had seen my cousins and it was so great to catch up and spend a few days together! (The bride is from North Carolina so that is why we all met there for the big day!)

Fun at the Crab Shack for the rehearsal dinner:)

It was raining the day of the wedding so the beach wedding was moved inside, but it was still beautiful and it all worked out!

~The Bride and Groom-Rhianna and Stefan~

Blake loved playing/dancing with Ara (my cousin- Jeremy's daughter)
~My Sweet Grandma-Dorothy~

~ My parents~

We had a great trip and made lots of fun memories!
----So I plan on playing catch up on my blog this week, so keep checking back for new posts:)