Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Little Camper is 3!

We celebrated Blake's 3rd Birthday on July 4th with family at our "new campsite!"  Blake loves to camp and had been asking for a camping party for months. Since it is July and 100 degrees we did not camp, but set the tent up in the backyard for the kiddos to play in:)
The "rocks" around the edge are chocolate candy:)  They look so real!!!

The decor...I used tissue paper in the lanterns to look like fire!

Blake with my cousins...he loves them!
Daddy grilled very yummy burgers on his new grill!

Blake wants to be just like Mike and my Dad!  He had seen a "kid-version" of a blower and weed-eater at Walmart and had been asking for them ever since.  He loves to work in the yard and leaves his yard tools right next to Daddy's tools! 

He tried to use his blower to blow out his candles:)
I can't believe he is 3!  He is such a sweet boy and I love him sooooo much!

Luke's Garden Party

One month ago my sweet friends hosted a baby shower in honor of Baby Luke and I!  Adriane, Kate and Hannah are so creative and I loved the garden party theme! 
The food was so yummy...Margarita cupcakes, Chocolate Cake Balls and Fruit Kabobs:) I especially loved the Blessing Tree where my friends wrote sweet blessing and words of encouragement for our family! 
The flower arrangements were Beautiful...Daisies in vases of limes!
The shower was perfect and such a blessing to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Luke with my girlfriends!


One week later we purchased our new home and Mike immediately began the remodel.

He has been amazing and literally painted everything that could possibly be painted! And 40 gallons later it is just like a new home:)
We have been working non-stop and I will very soon post before and after pics of the house!  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Family Campout

A few weekends ago we went camping for the first time as a family at Tyler State Park.  Blake loves the outdoors where he can totally be a boy! 
Recently Mike bought a new tent...and I have to admit I really like it! It is enormous and has two rooms...one for our stuff and one to sleep in!

My parents were such great troopers! My dad is not a fan of camping (or especially being cold...I guess that is who I get it from) but he will do anything for his grandson:)
One thing I also really love about camping is that Mike does ALL the cooking! It sure was yummy!
This park really is BEAUTIFUL and a great place to go for a hike!

I think having two boys in our family there will be lots of camping in our future! I am learning to love it and would not miss this fun opportunity with the two guys I adore:)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Blake has an announcement!

I am going to be a...

We are so excited and cannot wait to meet this little baby boy or girl in August!  I am in my second trimester now and starting to feel more like myself so...I will try and make an effort to be more consistent updating our blog:)