Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Naptime Gone Wild!!!

Last week Blake stopped napping 2-4 hours and only napped ONE hour:( So on the third day of this new trend I decided to leave him in is crib a little longer...oh about an hour. So when I was ready to get him out I opened his door to see this!
Running around in his crib NAKED!!! He had taken off all of his clothes & diaper and thrown out his blankie, pillow and stuffed animals:(
Lucky the diaper did not have a yucky surprise in it and he did not use his crib as a potty! Until the other day when he did this again...for his daddy:)
This week he is back to his regular nap times sooo all is well at our house!


About Meg... said...

i laughed out loud this is so funny!!!! sorry i haven't called back. i left my phone in missouri. i'll call as soon as i get it!!! we move tomorrow through friday.

The Garners said...

Too funny--he is SO cute! Glad naps are back on schedule--that makes ALL the difference in a house with small kids! :)

Hannah E. said...

That is hilarious!!! Those pictures are so funny, I love how strategically-placed the crib slats are. =) Heehee.

KathyEller said...

HE IS SOOO CUTE! THis is such a fun age and such a hard age too! But man is he cute!! And industriuous :)