Monday, December 15, 2008

Fun Weekend

This weekend was full of family fun!
On Saturday we took Blake to see his first movie in the theatre...BOLT...which he enjoyed, but I felt sorry for the people that sat next to us...he had a hard time staying seated:)

On Sunday we took our little man 4-wheeling! This is by-far his favorite thing to do! My dad works for a man that loves ATVs and he is very generous and lets us use them! Everyday Blake wakes up and says..."I want to call Grampy to go 4-wheeling."

So Grampy made Blake's wish come true again and all 6 of us (Grammy, Grampy, E, Me, Mike and Blake) went on a ride through the woods!

He is a little dare devil and always wants Mike to go faster and does not like for Daddy to hold onto him. I am in for it...he is ALL boy!

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